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Custom made blower.

Sturdy, reliable, easy to use.


What you get: squeeze bellows, blunt bent syringe needle, egg piercer, bead reamer set, 30 ml syringe and blunt tip and detailed instructions.

You supply: Eggs, air, and water.



Basia's Egg Blower Kit Works even better than the discontinued Blas-Fix one-hole blower.




The Blas Fix egg blower - a vintage iconic tool for blowing eggs - is no longer being manufactured in the United States or Germany. Very limited supplies are very hard or impossible to find. After using this tool for many years and not being able to get a replacement, I decided to create one of my own. One of the best solutions to easily blowing just one or several eggs utilizing just one hole.To Blow out an egg: Make a small hole in one end of your egg (You can use the enclosed sharp “nail” or dremmel with a diamond attachment). Straighten and use paper clip to break and stir the yolk. Then squeeze air into the egg with the very fine curved syringe tipped bottle to remove the contents, and then use syringe to squeeze water into the egg to rinse out any residue. Let egg dry , overnight if possible.


Make blowing eggs fun, simple and clean with the Blas-Fix kit!

S12 - Basias Egg Blowing System/Kit

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