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Need a unique Gift?

for memories from a wonderful trip to Ukraine and the Pysanka Museum

Thanks for visiting  my online home  : 

featuring Pysanky

(Ukrainian Decorated Eggs),

Egg Ornaments, Eggshell Jewelry,

and More...


Here you can find information about my hand-crafted Pysanky,  Pysanka Jewelry and many related topics.   Please take a moment to look around, visit my Etsy shop or check the calendar for upcoming craft shows and pysanka workshops.   Please feel free to check out the galleries of past work.    Thank you for visiting. 


IT's made on ... an eggshell????

pysanky, ornaments or jewelry created just for you

Do you need a unique gift for someone special?   Cufflinks (made from an actual eggshell) for Dad,  a Pendant for a friend's special birthday, or an Ornament personalized with name/date for a wedding, a new home or a new baby.  


Feel free to contact me, and if you don't see one on the pages in my ETSY shop (click here to shop).  we can create a one-of-a-kind gift that is customized and from the heart. 

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